Microblading Training

Fundamentals Class | $3500

  • Only $500 deposit to hold your spot and the rest due day of class. 
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This is a 3-day intimate class with intense knowledge immersion. My focus and goal is sharing with you everything you need to know about microblading including my personal secrets! To make sure that I am hands on at all times, I keep these classes small and firmly believe that you deserve all that I can give. You’re going to become some of the best microblading artists in the industry! I encourage lots of practicing and have ongoing support after the class is over.

We cover everything needed to know to run a successful Microblading Business. Here are some examples of what we cover.

  • Mapping 
  • Stroke patterns 
  • Skin type
  • Color theory 
  • Sanitation
  • Set up and clean up
  • Pre and Post care
  • Business requirements 
  • Marketing 
  • Photos 
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them 

Included in this class:

  • Fundamentals microblading certificate of attendance
  • 3 Day intimate class with intense knowledge immersion. (Includes 6 months of continuous online support)
  • Unique interaction and demonstration with a live model
  • Apprenticeship opportunities for interested and hand selected students
  • An extensive starter kit for your first 50 clients. I have provided the same quality products I personally use. (Over $500+ in value)
  • My personal brow bible created as a continuous guide for you. This is only offered to my students and has everything you need to know about Microblading. (Priceless and not for sale)
  • My personal tips, tricks and secrets
  • Members only Facebook Support Group. (I participate and offer advice and tips)
  • A booked appointment to shadow me in action with my client at my studio ($500+ Value)
  • Marketing strategies: A free session with Mindset Mary
  • Pre course home-work to prep for my class
  • Provided lunch all three days (Please email me any dietary restrictions)

Serious Inquiries email studiovbrows@gmail.com with your first last name and why you would like to become a successful microblading artist. More details will be provided.

“I just finished her fundamentals course and I feel so knowledgeable and ready to take on the industry myself. Her skills and passion are something to be cherished, I AM SO LUCKY to have come across her. She has changed my life, Thank you Vanessa.” – Ariana

One on One Microblading Training

(5 hours) $1,500 or $500 for my current students 

This is for certified artist only. This session is intended for people that are already certified but need a little extra help to master and fully understand a certain technique. Usually this involves us working on a model you bring in, and I take you through the process A-Z going over anything you may be struggling on and helping you understand. This is something I personally did myself before starting my business and its one of the reasons why I feel I am successful so I wanted to offer this myself. 

* Proof of certification is required

Machine Brows | $2500

  • Only $500 deposit to hold your spot and the rest due day of class. 
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This is an advanced course designed for someone who has already been certified in a fundamentals class. In this class you will learn how to use machine and all the techniques you can do on brows. We will mainly go over ombre brows but will also go over combo, micro-shading and nano brows.  We also cover color there and color correction which is very useful in this industry. a live model will be provided which you will watch me map and then work on model with your new machine skills. I will not be going over mapping, skin types, depth or any marketing in this class. 


  • Machine 
  • Needles 
  • My favorite color correction pigments 
  • My favorite Ombre pigment 
  • Numbing
  • Small book with all the steps on how to complete each technique 

Email me at studiovbrows@gmail.com for more information.

* Proof of certification on fundamentals is required

Online Microblading Training

This is a training that is offered very similar to my above classes but all done online in Zoom. I mail you your kit and we go over material. We then schedule you to come in for one day to work on a live model with me so you can officially graduate.

Microblading Training, Online or in Person in the Bay Area, CA!

Bay Area Microblading Training, teacher standing in font of class
Bay Area Microblading Training, example demonstration on live person
Bay Area Microblading Training, showing an example of brow mapping
Bay Area Microblading Training, Teacher adjusting her work for onlooking students
Bay Area Microblading Training, teacher giving a student some advice on test piece

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