Microblading is the latest technique in permanent cosmetics. This technique lets you have perfect and natural looking eyebrows all the time. With a manual tool, I insert hairlike strokes in the form of a brow, while inserting pigment. This is a shallow procedure compared to old eyebrow tattoos so it allows it to fade and get touched up about every year or so. This means the strokes and your eyebrows can stay fresh and new. We choose a color that matches your eyebrows and skin type. I carefully measure your face, use bone structure and take style into consideration when designing brows that best fits your face. This is also known as feathering, 3D brows, microblade but most commonly referred to as microblading. 

Best on The following skin types: Dry, Normal, Combo Skin, and Some Hair . This procedure may not be best for people with too thin of skin, super oily skin, no hair or complete brow shape makeovers. My other options will work better for you. 


My combo brow can be done several ways. I have learned all techniques so I can provide what is best for all of my client’s needs. Here is a breakdown of what is possible. We can go over all of this in a consultation and in your appointment with me. 

Microblading Combo – This is Microblading on the entire brow and then I lightly go over it with my powder technique done with a cosmetic tattoo machine. This will give you the hair like strokes you want, while adding a little more depth, fullness and will help with better retention. Still very natural. 

MICRO-shading – This is when I put microblading strokes in the front of the brow area and the rest of the brow I use a powder look. The hair strokes can also be done with a machine (nano strokes). This method is for more of a makeup look but can still be done very soft and natural. It all varies on how dark you want it. Talk about waking up with perfect brows all the time. 

Ombré Brow – This is done with a cosmetic tattoo machine to create a powdery makeup look. Usually done with a sharp tail and soft powdery fronts. It is called ombré because from the tail it is dark and to the front of the brow it gets really light. No hair strokes are put in the front unless requested. 

Correction – This is a case by case circumstance. Clear photos, in good lighting, of your entire face and a close up of each eyebrow must be emailed to me. You can also book a consultation with me as well. Please do not book until checking with me because I may not be able to work on them. It may be possible to do a shape correction and color correction. My goal will be to make your brows better then the way they were when you came in, but I will be limited on what is already there. 

Best on most skin types: Dry, Normal, Oily, and Thin. These procedures cannot be done while Pregnant, Breastfeeding, undergoing chemo treatment, during a prescription Retin-a treatment.

Microblading Service in Brentwood, CA